Las Vegas police issue warrant to obtain Cristiano Ronaldo's DNA 3 years ago

Las Vegas police issue warrant to obtain Cristiano Ronaldo's DNA

They confirmed the reports on Friday.

A statement by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has confirmed reports that they have issued an arrest warrant to obtain samples of DNA from Cristiano Ronaldo.


The statement, released on Friday, confirmed that the sample would be sought in regards to an ongoing sexual assault investigation against the 33-year-old.

They also confirmed that a request had been made to Italian authorities.

"We have received numerous requests asking for confirmation of a report that detectives with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have issued a warrant seeking to obtain a DNA sample from Cristiano Renaldo (sic) in regards to an ongoing investigation into a reported sexual assault," read the statement.

"The LVMPD is taking the same steps in this case as in any other sexual assault to facilitate the collection of DNA evidence. We can confirm that an official request has been submitted to Italian authorities.


"Due to this being an ongoing investigation, we have no additional information or comment on this case at this time."

Ronaldo has been accused of rape by American Kathryn Mayorga, who claims he sexually assaulted her in a Las Vegas hotel in 2009, before handing over a sum of £375,000 to ensure she would not go to authorities.


Though Ronaldo has vehemently denied the allegations, one of his primary sponsors, Nike, has admitted that they are "deeply concerned" by the allegations.

Reports of the warrant began to circulate on Thursday evening prior to the confirmation, at which time Ronaldo's lawyer issued a statement referring to it as a "very standard request".