It's looking like it'll be a very rainy bank holiday weekend 1 year ago

It's looking like it'll be a very rainy bank holiday weekend

Rain, rain and more rain.

When we think bank holiday weekend, we think sun and shine, but for the upcoming May banker, we can expect something a lot different.


Met Eireann is predicting some showery downpours over the weekend, and while temperatures are set to be mild, there is some heavy rain on the way.

Kicking off the weekend, Saturday is expected to be mostly cloudy and overcast with some outbreaks of rain or drizzle. Heavy rain is expected to develop over Ulster but the southwest is set to have some good dry spells.

Temperatures will be highest at 15 degrees with southwest winds being fresh in the north and light or moderate in southern parts.

Conditions will become cloudy with scattered showers overnight, with mist in the east, north, and west, with hill fog likely.


Sunday will continue as a cloudy day with outbreaks of rain and drizzle, with the western counties having the heaviest downpours.

The afternoon will become drier with some late sunny spells in the evening, highest temperatures are expected to be 13 to 17 degrees.

The night will be mostly dry with variable clouds and clear spells, leading to some mist and fog patches forming.


Bank-holiday Monday "will bring a good deal of cloud and some bright or sunny intervals with some scattered light showers. Highs of 13 to a rather warm 17 degrees, in light breezes," the forecaster said.