Marty Morrissey pays tribute to his mother Peggy 1 month ago

Marty Morrissey pays tribute to his mother Peggy

"I've got to let you go now, mam."

Marty Morrissey has paid an emotional tribute to his late mother Peggy.


Peggy was laid to rest in St Mary's Church in Mullagh, Co. Clare on December 12. The sports reporter said Peggy was "the greatest mother" in an emotional tribute at her funeral.

He told loved ones about the strong bond he had with his mother describing them as a "dynamic duo".

“We were a great team, the most formidable mother and son team in the world,” he shared.

Morrissey described his mother as "loyal, determined, witty, funny, deeply religious," as reported by the Independent. 

He said she was a daily mass goer, a fabulous wife and an adoring mother.

"She was also a 5ft 4in force of nature, argumentative, stubborn, fiercely independent, intensely confident and to be honest really annoying on occasion.


Morrissey lost his father 17 years ago. He honoured his dad during the moving speech and said he felt reassured knowing his parents were together again.

“I’ve got to let you go now mam, go to dad and tell him I love him too.

“You lived life to the full, there is no doubt Peggy Morrissey you did it your way.

“Mum, thank you for giving me the strength to do this, I love you, I love you mom, and thank you for being so wonderful.


94-year-old Peggy died in a car accident on Tuesday, December 7th in Co. Clare.

During the eulogy, Morrissey revealed his mother sadly wasn't wearing her seatbelt when her car crashed.

“I learned over the last few days, heartbreakingly, that she didn’t wear her seatbelt when she was driving herself."

He also praised the emergency services who helped his mother in her final moments.


He said he asked them to say three Hail Mary’s with him at the accident scene "and they did, in the middle of the muck".

“I love my mother with all my heart, I spent all my life with her and she gave me everything, total unconditional love," Morrissey added.