You may be able to see the Northern Lights from Ireland tonight 7 months ago

You may be able to see the Northern Lights from Ireland tonight

Brb, going to witness this.

Getting a glimpse at the Northern Lights is on a lot of people's bucket lists, and it might be something you can tick off the list sooner than you think.


The north of the country might be able to see the Northern Lights on Monday night as a solar storm is expected to be visible from Earth.

A Coronal Mass Ejection, which is a massive burst of material from the sun creating a geomagnetic storm, is set to interfere with the Earth's magnetic field.


According to the US Met Office Space's Twitter account, the lights will very likely be seen from Northern Ireland.

"A CME launched on the 9th October is expected to arrive at Earth during the 11th (most likely during the afternoon or evening), lasting into the 12th. G1-G2 storming is likely, with a chance of isolated G3 intervals," they said.

"Aurora is possible tonight across Scotland, although increasing cloud cover limits the potential for sightings. There is a slight chance of aurora reaching the far north of England and Northern Ireland tonight, with the best of the cloud breaks likely in Northern Ireland."

While they could be easily visible, it is likely that a could block any sightings, so fingers crossed it stays clear.