Met Éireann issues update on Hurricane Lorenzo 10 months ago

Met Éireann issues update on Hurricane Lorenzo

Met Éireann has issued an update on Hurricane Lorenzo, the storm that is set to hit Ireland later this week.

Current Meteostat satellite imaging suggests that the hurricane will transition into an extra-tropical depression between 12pm and midnight on Wednesday, before it hits Ireland.

The update notes that Lorenzo is set to lose its hurricane status while still 1,000km out from the Irish coast. For contrast, Hurricane Ophelia was downgraded just 500km out from the coast in late 2017.

However, this does not mean that we're out of the woods.

It is currently expected that Lorenzo's "most likely path after this transition brings it to the northwest of Ireland, but then there are model solutions that the track may move eastwards to the north of Ireland and towards Scotland Friday morning with a possibility of storm force winds over Ireland".

Hurricane Lorenzo

However, Met Éireann has noted that their analysis of the storm remains one of "low confidence" with much "uncertainty."

Though it remains unlikely that the hurricane will reach Ireland before it downgrades to a tropical depression, it is still the furthest east that a Category 5 hurricane has ever travelled across the Atlantic.