Met Éireann predict that temperatures will hit 24 degrees this weekend in parts of Ireland 1 year ago

Met Éireann predict that temperatures will hit 24 degrees this weekend in parts of Ireland

Bring it on.

Pros: The weather is class, it beats the rain, there's never enough reasons to have an ice cream pint in the beer garden.


Cons: It's sweltering, sleeping in that humidity has become a chore, sweating buckets.

Truth be told, the pros outweigh the cons and if you're looking to bask in a little bit more sunshine over the coming days, it appears that you're in luck because Met Éireann predict that the mercury will rise to 24 degrees on Sunday in parts of Ireland.

As for the rest of the week, here's what's in store. This morning will see dry spells, mainly in eastern and southern areas but some rain too, especially over Ulster and Connacht.

Sadly, the rain will be more widespread this afternoon and evening and it's set to be heavy in places with a slight risk of thunder.

Tonight should be humid, cloudy and misty throughout the country with some rain. The conditions are set to improve by Thursday morning though because a mix of cloud and occasional sunny spells are on the horizon.

Most places will be dry, but some scattered showers are likely.  Top temperatures 17 to 20 C., but it should be warmer in east Munster and south Leinster with 22 C. being forecasted.


As for Thursday night, there's going to be a few light showers in western and northern coastal areas, but most places will be dry with clear skies.

Moving into the weekend and Friday morning should see some light showers, but these are expected to die out as the day goes on. Skies will be partly cloudy, but with some sunny spells at times.

Top temperatures of 17 to 19 C,  but it's expected to be warmer in south Munster and south Leinster with 21 or 22 C being forecasted. Saturday morning will be dry with a good deal of cloud in some places, but sunny spells are set to arrive as the day develops.

In terms of finishing off the week, Sunday is shaping up to be a belter with top temperatures ranging from 19 to 24 C. Start making those plans.