Met Éireann say today will be dry and sunny ahead of Storm Brendan 1 month ago

Met Éireann say today will be dry and sunny ahead of Storm Brendan

The calm before the storm, as they say.

While yesterday was quite gusty and we got bursts of heavy rain, it seems like today will be a bit more relaxed. Met Éireann predict that there will be a few showers early on in the day, however it will become dry and in some areas, it will be sunny.

The weather forecaster said: "Residual rain and showers from overnight will clear later this morning and many areas will become dry and bright with sunny spells. Passing showers will still occur though, mainly in the west. Highs of 5 to 8 degrees, but up to 9 or 10 degrees in some western and southern coastal districts. Light to moderate southwest breezes will be fresh near west and northwest coasts."

As for tonight: "Becoming cloudier for a time this evening and early tonight with scattered showers extending eastwards for a time, followed by dry clear spells. Cloud will thicken from the west later in the night and rain will push in from the Atlantic towards morning.

"Lows of 0 to 4 degrees with a patchy frost in places early on, but temperatures rising in all areas before dawn as southerly winds strengthen."

Rain will then become "persistent and heavy" on Monday before Storm Brendan comes about.

"Mostly cloudy with patchy rain or drizzle to begin on Monday, with rain soon becoming persistent and heavy near Atlantic coasts. Storm Brendan will bring very windy or stormy conditions as the morning unfolds, with heavy (possibly thundery and squally) rain extending eastwards over the country, with spot flooding likely.

"Clearer intervals and showers, some heavy with a risk of hail and thunder, will follow from the west later. Strong to gale force and gusty southerly winds will develop in all areas for a time during the day, with severe and damaging gusts, especially in Atlantic and southern coastal areas.

"Winds will veer southwesterly as the heavy rain clears, gradually easing, except in parts of the west and northwest, where gale force winds and the risk of severe gusts will continue. There is a significant risk of coastal flooding due to a combination of strong winds, high spring tides and storm surge. Top temperatures of 7 to 10 degrees."