Michelle Obama has finally given her reaction to that Melania Trump plagiarised speech fiasco 3 years ago

Michelle Obama has finally given her reaction to that Melania Trump plagiarised speech fiasco

Oh Michelle, ma belle.

Mrs Obama is only going to be First Lady for another four months, so we have to make the most of her glorious public appearances while we can.

She has been on such a roll over the last few months: slaying on Carpool Karaoke, giving the speech of her life in support of Hillary Clinton, and making us all swoon yet again over her relationship with her husband (y'know, whatshisname?)

During the Republican National Convention in July, Michelle inadvertently dominated proceedings when it emerged that a speech given by Donald Trump's wife, Melania, turned out to read suspiciously like one Michelle had given at the Democrats' convention in 2008.


Classy lassy that she is, Michelle has never publicly commented on the plagiarism controversy - until now.

Last night, the First Lady appeared on the US talk show, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and during the interview, the host brought up the Trump incident.

Talking about what it's like to be a candidate's spouse in the public eye, Colbert asked: “Melania Trump was so criticised for using what turned out to be a portion of your speech, but do you have any sympathy [for her] because there are people around her creating things?”
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The studio audience erupted in excited laughter and cheers when Colbert raised the topic, and Michelle kept them all on tenterhooks by laughing, and then keeping a straight face as she said: “Yeah, that was tough."

Then she gave the most devilish smile that seemed to say, 'Oh, there's SO much more I want to say about this, but I better keep my trap shut'.

Smart move. But still, coolly devastating response, Michelle.

Watch the full clip here.