MyTaxi is introducing a sharing service in the next few months 2 years ago

MyTaxi is introducing a sharing service in the next few months

This will be interesting...

MyTaxi will begin to introduce a sharing service, MyTaxi Match, over the next couple of months.


It will initially start on a trial run, with the pilot running in the Grand Canal Dock and Sandyford Industrial Estate areas before being rolled out across more areas of Dublin.

The trial is part of a wider initiative with Dublin's four local authorities called Smart Dublin. The aim of Smart Dublin is to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in the city.

According to Irish Tech News, Alan Fox, General Manager for mytaxi Ireland said:

“Taxis are one of the most flexible forms of transport, but usually do not travel to full capacity. Our new ‘match’ technology forms part of a smart solution to better use mytaxi’s fleet in Ireland, particularly at peak hours, and offer passengers a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly taxi-sharing service.

“This innovation, currently being used very effectively in a number of other European cities, gives passengers travelling in the same direction the option for the first time to ‘match up’ and share taxis. We believe this new innovation has the potential to reduce waiting times at peak hours, decrease traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions and more effectively offer customers a flexible, cost-effective transport solution that really meets their needs.”

MyTaxi will change name to FREENOW on July 2.