New Irish podcast 'Disordered' explores our relationship with food 2 years ago

New Irish podcast 'Disordered' explores our relationship with food

It's Eating Disorder Awareness week.

From March 1st to 7th, your social media will likely see an influx of posts aiming to discourage the harmful behaviour that fuels disordered eating. It's Eating Disorder Awareness week and we wanted to showcase a new Irish podcast that explores our relationship with food.


In 'Disordered', actress and writer Ranae Von Meding, interviews people who've had first hand experience with eating disorders. Ranae herself has suffered from an eating disorder since the age of 16, and has been outspoken on social media about her own struggles and what do to if you need help.

The series examines the elements from which unhealthy eating patterns can develop and focuses on mental health, the role of language, supports and diet culture. Ranae hopes listeners can gain an increased understanding of the reality of eating disorders and aims to promote healthy relationships with food for all:

“I am ‘one of the lucky ones’ and was able to access the help that I needed. I’m now what you may call ‘recovered’, yet it is something which I talk about as still having to fight against every single day of my life. We live in a world where there is increasing pressure to look a certain way. Developing an eating disorder is quite often not about size, but it’s certainly always impacted by society and it’s view on what is an acceptable body. Eating disorders aren’t just about those who ‘look’ sick and it can therefore be very tricky to actually identify if a loved one is struggling.”




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Ranae is on a mission to dispel the narrative that "thinness = health and happiness" and is adamant that by unpicking the complex issues surrounding our relationships with food and our own bodies, this can be achieved.

You can check out Disordered on Apple podcasts here and don't forget to reach out if you're struggling with disordered eating.


There's online support groups available with BodyWhys or if you'd like to speak to someone you can call their helpline on 01- 2107906