Not all taxi drivers are registered on the taxi safety app - here's why 3 years ago

Not all taxi drivers are registered on the taxi safety app - here's why

One in 10 taxi drivers have not been registered on safety app, Driver Check.

But all taxi drivers are required to enter their information, according to the National Transport Authority (NTA).


If they don't input their details, they face a €40 fine. The details required for the app are their car's registration and a photo ID.

There are plenty of reasons why a driver may not be set up on the app.

A driver may not be aware of the app, know how to use it, or understand that they are required by the NTA to input their details.

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Their absence does not necessarily mean that it is unsafe to travel to with them, but following this woman's story of her lucky escape from a taxi recently, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

The app was set up by the NTA to ensure that passengers are safe and comfortable when booking a vehicle.

The NTA has said in a statement that:


"At any one time, an average of about 80-90 percent of the 21,000 cabs nationwide are registered with the App.  A driver is only required to register when he or she is working, so 100 percent of licenced drivers and vehicles will never be registered at the same time."

Driver Check covers drivers in taxis, hackneys, and limos. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.