Official: These are the top 5 rainiest counties in Ireland 8 months ago

Official: These are the top 5 rainiest counties in Ireland

That's a lot of rain.

Ireland, she's a rainy country, that's no news to any of us but just how rainy is it on the emerald isle?


It seems like it rains here constantly, and we don't ever get a second of sun but it turns out that some Irish counties get a lot more rainfall than others.

In study carried out by Chill Insurance, we finally know where in Ireland we can avoid the most rain, and where you're most likely going to get drenched.

According to local weather statistics, Kerry was found to be by far the rainiest county in Ireland, with an annual rainfall of 61.5 inches.

Residents in rural Kerry experience 56% more rain than the second rainiest county, which is Cork.


Cork experiences 39.4 inches of rainfall each year, with Limerick following close behind alongside Galway, Tipperary, Mayo, Clare and Sligo all also experiencing 39.4 inches of rainfall.

Wexford and Waterford are tied last with 34.6 inches annually, so if you're from any of these counties, you might want to start stocking up on some umbrellas.

While the rain seems to have cleared up since the last few weeks of extreme downpour, this weekend's weather is still predicting some colder spells.


Met Eireann said: "Cold and mostly dry on Saturday night with just the chance of an isolated shower along eastern and southeastern coasts. Lowest temperatures of minus 3 to minus 1, coldest in the west of the country with frost and ice forming again in near calm conditions.

"A cloudier day on Sunday. It will stay mainly dry with light, isolated showers in the east. Afternoon temperatures of 7 to 10 degrees in moderate east or southeast winds.

"Another cold night on Sunday night with clear spells and isolated light showers. Lowest temperatures of zero to minus 2 degrees with a moderate southeast breeze."