Paralympic athletes to finally make the same as their Olympic counterparts 3 months ago

Paralympic athletes to finally make the same as their Olympic counterparts


It's long overdue, but the Tokyo Olympics is finally giving Paralympic athletes the same recognition as their Olympic counterparts.


Following the 2018 Winter Olympics, it was announced by the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee that the two athlete groups would earn the same pay for any medals they win.

This means, for the first time in Olympic history, Paralympians will also get $37,500 for each gold medal earned at the Paralympic Games, $22,500 for silver, and $15,000 for bronze.

In previous years, Paralympians would only receive $7,500 for gold medals, $5,250 for silver, and $3,750 for bronze.

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USOPC Committee CEO Sarah Hirshland said when the change was introduced: "Paralympians are an integral part of our athlete community and we need to ensure we're appropriately rewarding their accomplishments."

While they were granted fair pay three years ago after the 2018 Winter Olympics, the Tokyo games marks the first time it will be implemented on time.


This is an improvement on the fair treatment of both athletes, but while this is a great step, we can't forget that Paralympians often suffer when it comes to appropriate accommodation.

Becca Meyers, a swimmer who is deaf and blind recently left the Paralympic Games as the USOPC denied granting her a "trusted personal care assistant."


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She took to Instagram to share her heartbreak over the situation, saying: "In 2021, why as a disabled person am I still fighting for my rights? But enough is enough. I need to speak up for the next athlete who is deaf-blind or disabled in another way.


"As Paralympians, we train as hard as our counterparts, the Olympians. We deserve the same quality and safety nets that our able-bodied teammates will receive in just a few days' time."

The Paralympic Games begin on August 24th.