Phil Lynott's mother, Philomena Lynott, has passed away aged 88 11 months ago

Phil Lynott's mother, Philomena Lynott, has passed away aged 88

Sad news this afternoon.

Philomena Lynott, the mother of Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott, has passed away at the age 88.

Hot Press confirmed the news, reporting that she died following a long battle with cancer.

Speaking about Philomena, the editor of the publication said:

"She was a formidable and brilliant woman."

"I am really proud that we were able to participate in telling her remarkable story. Because she was indeed a remarkable person. She was hugely determined and courageous, and absolutely committed to the campaign to ensure that Philip’s memory was kept alive and his legacy celebrated."

Philomena famously wrote a book, My Boy, where she told the story of her son's life.

It was a two-time No.1 best seller, and told an amazing tale of her move from England to Dublin.

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The Hot Press editor, Niall Stokes, went on, discussing just how brilliant Philomena was.

"She was brilliant with fans and readers, proudly taking the time to sign books, in shops all over Ireland and listening to and corresponding with fans of Philip's. And what a story My Boy told!"

"She grew up in a terribly conservative world, but she never allowed herself to be co-opted to the ordinary. She had a rebel heart, which expressed itself in all sorts of ways, and which hugely inspired Philip – and his music. He loved her deeply and dearly and she was immensely proud of him and of what he achieved."

"Her campaign to have the statue of Philip erected was a marvellous example of strength of character and conviction winning over bureaucratic inertia."

After the statue of Phil was revealed in Dublin in 2013, Philomena Lynott said:

"Young people, when they get involved in drugs, they think it makes them laugh, it makes them happy, it makes them this, that and the other."

"But they don’t realise that they’re getting hooked and they’re getting hooked deeper. And all of a sudden, they can’t do without them and that’s when all the villainy starts."