Public warned about Cadbury WhatsApp scam 10 months ago

Public warned about Cadbury WhatsApp scam

The public has been warned about a WhatsApp scam trending this week.

Tech Advisor is urging the public not to click into the Cadbury Easter Egg message circulating on WhatsApp at the moment.


The message has been sent to thousands of people, but it is a scam.

The public has been told to simply ignore the message and delete it from your WhatsApp message thread.

Tech Advisor said: "We have been made aware that there is a Cadbury Easter egg scam.


"If you have received a WhatsApp message about it, do not click on the link!

"If you have a friend who is sharing this link, do tell them to stop and that it is a scam."

The scam tries to fool people into thinking Cadbury is giving away free chocolate, but it isn't real.


The message includes a photo of a Cadbury Easter Egg with 'Join the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt' written on the egg.

It claims that 5,000 free gifts are available.

The message also includes a link to tap which leads you to fill in multiple questions so you can win the basket of Easter chocolate.

You're asked for personal details like your name and address, but experts warned that scammers will use them to steal your identity.


They will also likely steal your money, tech experts warned.

One woman shared a warning on Twitter, "Be careful about a WhatsApp message appearing to be from someone you know about Cadbury Easter Egg hunt. It’s a scam."

Another said: "Remember – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!"

"The WhatsApp free Cadbury Easter chocolate basket message doing the rounds at the moment is a scam!

"Please don’t click on it or share any of your information via the page," they added.