Rare baby white rhino born in Belgian zoo 8 months ago

Rare baby white rhino born in Belgian zoo

A massive congrats to all involved.

A rare baby white rhino has been born in a Belgian zoo.

The male was born in the early hours of this morning at the Pairi Daiza Zoo in the Brugelette region in a bid to save the species from being endangered.

According to WWF, the white rhino is now classified as Near Threatened, with 19,600 – 21,000 animals existing in protected areas and private game reserve.

Pairi Daiza said that their rhino's birth was natural.

"A baby rhino was born in Pairi Daiza!" they said, announcing the birth this morning on Facebook.

"At the end of the morning, Madiba, a female white rhino from the south, gave birth to this adorable little one.

"A natural birth that fills us with happiness as much as mom and her little one are both doing well for now. This is fantastic news for all of our teams and for all those who help us daily to contribute to the protection of this species!"

They also included a rather adorable video of the rhino that you can watch below.