Samsung's new phone has a quad camera and it's one for the Insta huns 2 years ago

Samsung's new phone has a quad camera and it's one for the Insta huns

Samsung is set to release a new phone next month and it has got four lenses.

Multinational conglomerate, Samsung, have announced they are releasing a new phone with four separate lenses at the back of the device. The Samsung Galaxy A9 will be available for purchase next month and retails for £549 (around €630).

Samsung’s brand new quad-camera is one for the Insta huns

No doubt this is the perfect phone if you like to get snap happy and could help you up your Instagram game.

The world's first quad camera smartphone features a 24 megapixel main lens, a lens for zooming, a lens for capturing wide angles and a lens to enhance the photos' depth of field. The front-facing camera has a 24-megapixel sensor.

So far the phone comes in three colourways, Caviar Black, Lemonade Blue and Bubblegum Pink.

Samsung says the Galaxy A9 also features:

"Always on Display, which lets you view more key information such as date, weather alerts, time and incoming notification in a flash thanks to its wider screen."

The new phone is reportedly fast-charging and contains face recognition technology.

It seems Samsung is really raising the bar with this innovative technology. When so much of our communication is now intensely visual, it really is a savvy move.

Maybe this Apple slave might actually be converted...

Image via Samsung