Saoirse Ruane's mum reveals she is out of ICU after "fight of her life" 1 year ago

Saoirse Ruane's mum reveals she is out of ICU after "fight of her life"

"Taking it one day at a time"

Saoirse Ruane's mum has revealed she is out of ICU after surgery to remove a tumour from her lung.


The mum said her daughter has been moved to a regular ward after a week in ICU.

Alongside a photo of Saoirse in hospital, her mum said she cannot wait to get home.

"After a week in intensive care, Saoírse has now moved to a ward where she is being observed closely by her surgeon while we wait on more results and give her wounds time to heal."

"Our team are taking it one day at a time," the mum added.


She said the Toy Show star is in great spirits despite the major operation and also shared that Saoirse cannot wait to go home to her little sister, Farrah Rose.


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Her mum Roseanne added, "We can’t get over how well she’s doing considering the surgery was so major and involved a lot of reconstruction."


The mum praised Saoirse's team for their "skilled hands" and "care". She also thanked them for being so understanding and compassionate too.

"Hospital stays are daunting for any of us, but in a child’s eyes, it’s the scariest thing in the world," she added.

"Saoírse has spent a week surrounded by tubes, wires, drains, machines and dealing with the trauma of blood, dressings, pain, fear, loneliness, nighttime in hospital, medication, sedation along with getting to know and trust so many nurses caring for her day and night."

Roseanne also thanked the public for supporting her daughter through it all. She said the postal service in Crumlin has been extremely busy.