Selling Sunset's Maya seeking closure following passing of son at 38 weeks 1 year ago

Selling Sunset's Maya seeking closure following passing of son at 38 weeks

She opened up about her devastating loss.

Selling Sunset's Maya Vander has said "a big question mark" remains after revealing she had a still birth 38 weeks into her pregnancy.


In an interview with E! News, the reality star opened up about her harrowing loss and her efforts to find the closure she and her husband, David, desperately need. She has said she is taking it one day at a time.

"Prior to my regular weekly checkup, I felt less movements and I went to a private ultrasound just to make sure there are heartbeats," she said. "And everything was fine.

"Then, a few days later, I went to my regular gyno appointment and they couldn't find the heartbeat. I did an ultrasound and they confirmed, unfortunately, that the baby died."

Due to Covid restrictions, Maya had to be alone in the delivery room without her husband. She also revealed that the family held a funeral for baby Mason and an autopsy is now underway to find what could have caused the stillbirth.


"I just don't know what happened, so that's the closure that I still don't have," she said. "Maybe with the autopsy we'll get the closure, but as of now everything is a big question mark."

The 39-year-old took to Instagram last week to announce the tragic news, posting a photo of an empty hospital crib.

"Yesterday was the hardest day of my life," she wrote. "I had a still birth at 38 weeks. I always heard of it but never imagined I’ll be part of the statistics. Instead of delivering a baby, I get to go home with a memory box… I do not wish this on anyone.

"What was a regular weekly checkup turned into a nightmare that I never imagine will happen to me. Given I share my pregnancies in the show I knew I’ll have to post about this and avoid the 'when is your due date' question. You will always be in our heart baby Mason."