Six things Irish women need if abortion access is to become a reality 4 years ago

Six things Irish women need if abortion access is to become a reality

Abortion is a necessary thing, simple as.

If the debate before the referendum has taught us nothing else, it's that in certain situations - and I won't get into them now because we all know - it's the only thing to be done.


I'm not just talking about hard cases. Any abortion is a hard case and to say otherwise is an insult to a woman's intelligence.

But that's not the point.

The point is that no-one wants a termination. And now, with it looking like women will get access to abortion in Ireland, there are a few things we need as a society.

They are things that women and Ireland in general need and deserve regardless, but that will ensure that as few of us as possible will have to have a termination.



1.World class maternity care for everyone - including aftercare.

Motherhood is a choice, so make having a baby it a safe, healthy and happy experience.



2. Up-to-date, widespread sex education.

No young person should be in the dark about the ins and outs of sex because of how things are at home or the school they attend.


3. Affordable childcare and mandatory paid maternity leave.


We're one of the only EU countries where some new mums have to rely on a state payment if they want to take time after having a baby. Let's make being a parent that much easier.


4. Impactful anti-poverty measures.

Lone parent families headed up by women are the group most likely to live in poverty in Ireland. A pregnancy will feel less like a crisis pregnancy if the woman doesn't worry about how she'll afford to have a baby.



5. Consent classes for women and men, boys and girls.

Like, obviously.


6. Free contraception.

I don't need to explain this one, do I?