Met Éireann warns of freezing temperatures this week, so grab the hot water bottle 6 months ago

Met Éireann warns of freezing temperatures this week, so grab the hot water bottle

Winter is coming.

After a number of rain and wind warnings over the weekend, Met Éireann is now predicting that temperatures will dip below zero in parts of Ireland this week.


According to the national forecaster, Wednesday night saw lowest temperatures of -1 to 4 degrees, with conditions coldest in the midlands with localised frost.

The night was also largely dry with long clear spells and some mist patches in light to moderate winds.

That said, some light showers will continue to affect northern and western coastal areas, before becoming quite isolated by morning.

Thursday then will start largely dry and bright with just some lingering showers on northern coasts.


Throughout the day, cloud will increase from the northwest, but again it will be dry overall with just isolated showers and highest temperatures of 8 to 11 degrees in light to moderate breezes.

As for Thursday night, it will be mostly dry with clear spells in the midlands, east and south at first which will allow for some frost to develop.

Cloud will, however, build from the northwest through the night and thicken with patchy drizzle along northern and western coasts.

Like Wednesday night, lowest temperatures are set to range from -1 to 4 degrees generally, though conditions will be a degree or two higher in parts of the north and west.


After a cloudier start to Friday, some bright or sunny spells will develop, though there will be some patchy light rain and drizzle about.

The latter will be mostly over the north and west of the country, with conditions staying largely dry further east as highest temperatures range from 9 to 12 degrees.


Met Éireann says Friday night will be milder than previous nights, with lowest temperatures between 4 to 8 degrees.

The forecaster says there will be more cloud about, with patchy light rain and drizzle at times in the west, becoming more persistent in the northwest by morning.

Winds will also become strong along western Atlantic coasts.

However, there will also be some clear spells too, the best of which will be in the southeast.

As for the weekend, Met Éireann says there will be some rain on Saturday, before a good deal of dry weather on Sunday.


This is before conditions are set to turn more unsettled early next week.