"The Elf Who Dropped Acid And Jousted a Car": Here Are The Best Headlines of the Week 7 years ago

"The Elf Who Dropped Acid And Jousted a Car": Here Are The Best Headlines of the Week

Headline writing is largely regarded as being a skill that can entice an audience to click into an article or create a conversation.

And that’s exactly what these have done! In this feature, we’re taking a look at some of the most unusual headlines that made their way online during the week.


Here are some of our favourites from the week that was:

1. Kron 4

"Authorities say a man stole a New York City bakery truck and began delivering loaves of bread to random businesses" writes Kron.


2. Vocativ

"Konrad McKane takes live-action role-playing very seriously, which means he sometimes mistakes cars for the Dark Lord of Middle Earth and vanquishes them with his sword" writes Vocativ.



3. News Channel

"An Oklahoma police department has been humiliated in a very public way. Someone targeted the police department through Google" writes News Channel.


4. ABC News

"Australians call tiny swimming trunks "budgie smugglers," but the term might have new meaning after customs officials at Sydney's airport said Wednesday that they found 16 wild-bird eggs in the crotch of a passenger's pants" writes AP.



5. Express

"A WOMAN told yesterday how she said a last goodbye to her beloved tabby after he had been run over – only to find she had buried the wrong cat" writes the Express.