The Guinness 232°C fiery grill is heading to Cork this Friday and Saturday 3 years ago

The Guinness 232°C fiery grill is heading to Cork this Friday and Saturday

Brought to you by Guinness

Oh, you'll love this.


So you've probably heard all about the all-new Guinness 232°C festival that will see a whole host of events taking place across the country over the next month.

Aptly named after the temperature at which Guinness roasts its barley, the firey events will involve world-class chefs taking over bars and venues across Ireland.

There's just one catch. All that delectable grub, from Irish meats to home-grown vegetables, must be cooked over an open fire.

This week Guinness 232°C, Deep South is heading to Cork! The terrific one-off event takes place THIS FRIDAY and SATURDAY, October 11 and 12, and tickets are just €10.


From 6pm on Friday and from 10pm on Saturday, be sure to make your way to 51 Grand Parade, Cork, for a foodie spectacular unlike any other.

Partnering with renowned chef Christine Walsh, commander of the grills of Deep South, will be cooking a selection of delicious foods, with just one rule — all cooking happens over a live fire.

Curated by foodie expert Ali Dunworth, Christine will be challenged to create a one-off menu that features the very best of Irish produce, all forged in FIRE.

And yes, we can taste it and smell it already!


Expect to see innovative techniques that bring out amazing flavour and taste that you just won't get anywhere else. As the event organisers say, 'There's no faking it when you're cooking over live fire.'

Then it's time to devour a most succulent feast and continue the evening with an eclectic programme of live music and entertainment by John Mahon from The Locals.

Tickets are only €10 which includes a booking fee and a pint of refreshing Guinness or Pure Brew non-alcoholic lager, plus two signature dishes. (Hurrah!)

So everyone, what are you waiting for. Get your tickets right here and join the fiery BBQ you simply cannot miss.


Brought to you by Guinness