The one college with exceptional courses and the most AMAZING location 8 months ago

The one college with exceptional courses and the most AMAZING location

Brought to you by Dublin Business School.

Take that first step towards your dream job ladies!

Okay, so making your mind up, and deciding what you want to do might actually be the very hardest part. But taking a look at the courses available at Dublin Business School (DBS) is a terrific place to start, and you'll likely find some inspiration for where you'd like to see yourself in future.

Dive in, do the research as to where each course can take you (further towards your aspirations, that is) be brave and take the plunge. Oh, and the location is KEY. When you study at DBS, you’re right in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, surrounded by plenty of shops, businesses and eateries in the bustling area of Dublin 2.

DBS offers over 100 courses - think Arts, Business and Management, FinTech, Digital Marketing, Media and Journalism, Psychology and Social Science, Finance, Data Analytics, Information Technology, and oodles more.

Studying here, you won't need to worry about holding down the commitments you have in place right now either - take advantage of DBS’s part-time and evening courses. They're just as rigorous and effective in getting you where you want to be but at a rate that suits your own lifestyle.

No matter what degree you set your sights on, it will come with a HUGE amount of opportunity. This will include building yourself professionally and using your capabilities to nab that dream career! Whether you’re just leaving school, or simply want to gain a competitive advantage in your current - the courses are most definitely worth a peek!

All courses have been designed in collaboration with industry and professional bodies so students leave with the very best academic qualifications, giving them the essential tools needed.

It’s only just the beginning of an exciting, prosperous and successful career, so taking your first step at Dublin Business School is highly recommended. There are places still available whether it's CAO full-time, part-time degrees, post-graduate programmes or diplomas. Find out more at the DBS website, right here, and sign up soon as courses start just next week!

Brought to you by Dublin Business School, Ireland's largest independent third level institution.

If you still haven’t decided on a course, or are looking for something to do over the winter nights, DBS has a range of full and part-time options available for you to consider.