Toy Show Adam's family reveal he has broken is femur and is 'very sore' right now 1 week ago

Toy Show Adam's family reveal he has broken is femur and is 'very sore' right now

Collectively, we all fell head over heels in love with six-year-old Adam King from Cork when he appeared on The Late Late Toy Show back before Christmas.

Adam, who has become a bit of a national treasure in the interim, and whose hug drawing has appeared on everything from stamps to postcards, suffer from brittle bones, a genetic disorder that prevents the body from building strong bones. He uses a wheelchair to get around.


Sadly, Adam's family took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal to his 72k followers that the six-year-old has broken his femur, and asked everyone to 'keep him in your thoughts.'

Thankfully, his family explained, Adam does not require surgery this time’ however he is ‘very sore’.

With an image showing little Adam holding his dad's hand, the King family informed their little boy's followers:

"So a little personal post – as you all know Adam has brittle bones and sadly he suffered a femur fracture this weekend.

Thankfully he does not require surgery this time. He is happy to be home but is very sore. Please keep him in your thoughts.


‘As always, our family are beyond grateful for the professionalism, care and genuine love shown to Adam by everyone in our hospital system. To support the amazing work of , please visit

‘We may be a little bit quieter on here for a few days. Thanks to our family, friends and everyone here for your love and support. Hugs."

Adam's thousands of followers were quick to flood the post with feel-better and get-well wishes for him.

"Time for all of us to send Adam a virtual hug," one fan wrote.

Another one shared:


"Tell Adam we are sending our love and give him the gentlest hug from us!"