US Airline bans teenage girls from flight... for wearing LEGGINGS 1 year ago

US Airline bans teenage girls from flight... for wearing LEGGINGS

They've upset A LOT of people.

Two teenage girls were unable to board a United Airlines flight yesterday because they were wearing leggings. Apparently, the girls, who were traveling from Denver to Minneapolis, did not meet the dress code allocated to special pass travellers.

According to Reuters, the airline insisted that the girls, who were traveling with a companion, would not have been turned away for wearing leggings had they been paying customers.

United spokesman, Jonathan Guerin, responded to the backlash,

"(The two girls) were instructed that they couldn't board until they corrected their outfit. They were fine with it and completely understood,"

Guerin added that all three passengers missed the flight as a result, and he did not know if they had boarded a later plane or made alternate travel arrangements.

It wasn't the girls in question who took to social media but an onlooker boarding the same flight, Shannon Watts, who was appalled by the situation,


Her tweets quickly went viral, and people aren't happy...




The airline released a statement as the furore gathered pace online. They defended their position, stating that for regular customers leggings are welcome, but for pass travel privilege a dress code is in place.

We're not sure if that will fly with customers.