Vicky Phelan pays tribute to Charlie Bird for his moving Late Late Show interview 1 year ago

Vicky Phelan pays tribute to Charlie Bird for his moving Late Late Show interview

The two are set to meet on Monday.

Vicky Phelan has praised Charlie Bird for speaking publicly about his illness on Friday night's Late Late Show.


The former RTE journalist was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease earlier this year and joined Ryan Tubridy to speak about his hopes and fears for the future.

Vicky, who has openly shared her experience with cancer, took to Twitter on Saturday night to praise Charlie for his honest and moving interview.


"I have just now watched back Charlie Bird's @charliebird49 interview with Ryan on last night's @RTELateLateShow I so wanted to tune in last night but I was in a hotel room with my two kids... What can I say except Bravo Charlie...

"You were so vulnerable sharing so openly the terror of living with a disease that you know is going to take everything from you - your voice, your swallow, your mobility...yet your love of life, family and friends shone through. I have no doubt that you brought comfort to so many.

"And I really hope that you get comfort from all the love and support that is being sent your way from all over Ireland. Looking forward to meeting you and Claire on Monday."

On the show, Charlie had also told Ryan he was looking forward to visiting the cervical cancer campaigner, who has recently called on politicians to grant terminally ill people the right to die via medical assistance on their own terms.


Charlie said his biggest wish was for Ireland to truly help those who are ill but revealed that particular topic is something he struggles with.

“Whatever I decide in the future, I believe all of us, if we see somebody who is in a dark place, we should put out arms around them and don’t hide from it," he said.

“I haven’t worked out where I’m going to end and how. I want to meet Vicky and talk about lots of things, but eventually I will have to make up my own mind about where and how I end up.


“I’m struggling with it, I’m struggling with that question in my own head. I think about it a lot.

“I love my friends and I want to spend as much time with them, I want to see my five grandkids grow up. I want my two daughters to be with me for as long as possible but I know I’m in a fight, I’m doing my best to deal with all of these issues as strongly as I can.”

Following his Late Late Show appearance, the 72-year-old said he has been blown away by the huge amount of support he's received.

"Yes, I cried this morning but they were tears of joy at the overwhelming support I received for my Late Late Show appearance," he wrote on Twitter.

“If I am still mobile in the Spring, I will climb Croagh Patrick to highlight MND and other terminal illnesses. You’re all invited to join me. I love you all.”