When will the weather be good again? 2 months ago

When will the weather be good again?

Say 'never' and I will scream.

Let's be honest, the weather in Ireland has been crap these past few weeks.


Blustery, windy, rainy, and just generally awful. It's a far cry from the days of 19 degree heat, slapping on sun cream, and planning trips to the beach, let me tell you.

Things haven't been good since July, and given that it's August, it really doesn't seem as if we're getting a fair deal at all.

So, is this it? Is summer done? Are we destined to live out the rest of 2021 in mind numbing dullness?

Well, it's hard to tell. It is the weather after all, but if some forecasters are to be believed, it's looking like we might have one last blast of heat before the summer's out.

According to the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, a large band of warm air is expected to hit Ireland over the next week or so, bringing with it some sweet, sweet hot weather.

Right now, it's looking like the weather may hit next weekend, but as always, things could change and we be seeing snow for all we know.


According to AccuWeather, next weekend is indeed looking fairly sunny with highs of 20 degrees and only a few clouds in the sky. The weekend after that is looking like more of the same, with sunny spells and minimal rain.

Elsewhere, Met √Čireann has pretty much declared this week a write-off. Although it's going to remain hot enough with temperatures reaching up to 20 degrees, there will be a considerable amount of cloud, ensuring that the days are as humid as possible.

There's also going to be outbreaks of rain throughout this week, so there's no point in getting your hopes up there. But hey, next week is a new week, and we're hopeful for that sweet band of warm air apparently coming our way.