Doing a lot of online shopping right now? An Post says it will keep deliveries coming 1 year ago

Doing a lot of online shopping right now? An Post says it will keep deliveries coming

The world is more than a little scary right now. And when things get stressful, it's long been my habit to hit the town and shop myself calm.

I know that sounds a bit silly and, well, Carrie Bradshaw, but retail has honestly been a genuine form of therapy for me over the years.


There's just something about walking around shops that are packed with pretty things and possibility that distracts me long enough to forget whatever it is that has been weighing on my mind and lifts my mood. For me, shopping is genuinely a mindful experience. And, yeah, it works with online shopping too.

Has stress shopping led to me buying things I didn't really need or want over the years? I'd be lying if I didn't say yes. And have I tried to rein it in and focus on living, and shopping, more sustainably in recent times? Again, yes.

But now I have the chance to put the habit to good use.

With social distancing and self isolation happening all around us, our small Irish businesses are massively suffering. Most that have physical shops have had to close their doors, and for many – particularly artists and creatives – the future looks uncertain.

So, if you have a little to spare in your finances this week, why not log on and buy something Irish? It's a sweet combination of doing some good for society while also alleviating your own boredom.

And don't worry about delivery – An Post has issued a statement assuring users that its parcel deliveries will continue for as long as possible, thanks to the efforts of its nationwide staff.


However, An Post said that flight cancellations to numerous destinations are impacting its international services. Translated, that means you can forget about getting anything from that cheap Chinese go-to website. Another incentive to buy Irish.

In order to maintain social distancing, when your parcel does arrive you won't be asked to sign for it as usual. Instead, the Postperson will sign the slip in front of you to confirm the delivery. If you're unable to accept a delivery, packages will be kept at An Post local delivery offices for collection by customers on production of proof of address and photo ID as usual.