Princess Diana's wedding dress designer has some important advice for 2017 brides 6 years ago

Princess Diana's wedding dress designer has some important advice for 2017 brides

He's the creative mind behind one of the most iconic gowns ever, so when Princess Diana's wedding dress designer David Emanuel shares some tips, brides everywhere perk up their ears.

Speaking in Australia this week, the 64-year-old Welsh designer shared the inside track on the preparations for Di's 1981 wedding to Prince Charles, as well as his top advice for those about to walk up the aisle.


"The icing on the cake for me was when Princess Diana went on her honeymoon with Prince Charles, she rang my studio and called to say that she loved the gown, the royal family loved the gown and Charles loved it," Emanuel told Mama Mia.

Remembering the crinoline dress (a meringue embroidered with pearls, decorated with hand embroidery, sequins, and 10,000 pearls and trimmed in antique hand-made Carrickmacross lace which had belonged to Queen Mary) the designer said:

"I wouldn’t change a thing. It was appropriate for the time and for the client.


'And of course the scale had to be large because it was St Paul’s. But every bride is different, every location, every situation is different so you design accordingly. It has to suit the girl and the venue and the occasion.'

Emanuel, who appears on the cult TV show Say Yes To The Dress, said there are some time-honoured tricks to choosing the perfect wedding gown. The search, he says, should begin nine months to a year before the big day. And the most important tip?

'Keep an open mind. Please. And be objective.'


He also recommends brides-to-be to leave the entourage of sisters, friends, aunties, bridesmaids and cousins at home. Lady Di brought just one companion to her fittings, her mother.

'Enough. She didn't need the world there. Bring someone with you that you trust and trust their taste.' he says.

Asked about his thoughts on actress Meghan Markle, currently seeing Prince Harry, Mr Emanuel believes we can rest assured she'll make a stylish bride no matter which style she chooses, should they tie the knot:

'I'd make her look really polished and elegant, but I'm not saying a silhouette either,' he said.
'She is an actress so she'll be very aware of her look because she can see herself on the screen, she'll have learned what looks good...'


Main image: Hello Magazine