The tragic detail you may have missed in Sansa's Game of Thrones costume 11 months ago

The tragic detail you may have missed in Sansa's Game of Thrones costume

We never spotted this.

Obviously, if you're not up to date on Game of Thrones, this may spoil you.

The last remaining Stark children were reunited in Winterfell when Arya finally made it home for the first time since season one.

Since then, fans have been searching for clues as to what the family reunion could mean for their future.

And it turns out it all comes down to the costumes - especially for Sansa.

The oldest of the three Stark siblings has been suffering for years, after being bullied by Queen Cersei, abused by King Joffrey and raped by the psycho Ramsay Bolton.

She's understandably become more cautious and closed off as a result of the traumas; putting a barrier between herself and the rest of the world.

Sansa has become less trusting and naive since the first season - which has begun to come through in her costume design.


Costume designer Michelle Clapton explained how Sansa's dresses and her belt in particular have been used by the character to take back control of her body.

She wrote on Making Game of Thrones:

 “This is her [Sansa] taking back control of her body.

"I designed it to wrap around over her side-laced dress to represent the absolute removal of any possible physical touch.

"Her dresses are also tightly-laced on, incredibly difficult to remove; it’s a message to Littlefinger [to stay away].”

Michelle also admitted that she had been drawing on one source in particular when it came time to dressing the newly reunited Stark siblings: their parents, Ned and Catelyn.

She said:

“All the characters’ costumes are a consequence of the journey and lifestyle.

“I wanted to reflect how different they all are from their experiences.

"There is something they have taken from their parents in the shape of a dress, the cut of a cape or the quilting details, apart from Bran who is so removed.

“Sansa’s cape, for instance, represents Ned and her desire to take on more of a leadership role at Winterfell.”