Woman shares genius hack for making any bra backless 8 months ago

Woman shares genius hack for making any bra backless

It was this easy all along.

Backless tops are going to be a staple in our wardrobes this summer, but every time we go to wear one we're faced with the decision whether to wear a bra or not.


Some of us need the support a bra gives us, but lets be honest, the straps just ruin the whole backless vibe.

Now, our worries are a thing of the past thanks to TikToker and self-described 'bra queen' Janette Ok aka @inmyseams

The hack involves clasping your bra straps together in front of your neck and tightening them before placing them behind your neck to create a halterneck-like style.

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Then, Janette takes her bra band at the back, opens it, and pins each side to the inside of the top with a safety pin, making sure they are hidden from view.

This allows you to still have the coverage and extra support of a bra while looking like you aren't wearing one at all - it's a win win.

Many people rushed to the comments to praise Janette for sharing the tip.


"Okay that is GENIUS," one person said.

"The way this just changed my life." another wrote.

Another added: "Woah, that's so helpful thank you."

Meanwhile, others weren't so convinced and doubted they'd ever try it as it looked too complicated and uncomfortable.


One user said: "This is so much work lmfao."

"That’s too much work I just wear hoodie," another wrote.

"Okay but this looks so uncomfortable," a third said.

This isn't the only bra hack Janette has provided her followers with, she recently showed how to style tops for those with larger chest sizes, and offered tips on how to shop online for the perfect bra.