3 alternatives to heels to wear for your wedding day (because comfort is key) 2 years ago

3 alternatives to heels to wear for your wedding day (because comfort is key)

By nature, I'm a fairly clumsy person.

The trip-over-my-own-two-feet, walk-into-a-door, somehow-fall-off-a-sidewalk level of clumsy.


So, when I started planning my wedding day outfit, there was one question that I couldn't seem to escape: what the hell kind of shoes am I going to wear?

Because heels were just not a potential for me - mainly because there were four things I was really worried about happening.

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  1. I would end up getting one of them stuck in the floorboards  and losing a shoe, leaving me hopping on one foot down the aisle.
  2. I would trip over my own two feet and end end up face planting as I start down the aisle.
  3. I would snap a heel down the aisle and fall backwards, potentially ruining my dress.
  4. Some kind of hybrid combination of the three above that would create a huge mess.

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Yes, I realise I'm probably way over-thinking things. But still, it's just not worth the potential risk of some kind of mishap on the day.

As it stands, I'm going with sneakers on my wedding day. Comfy, glittery and less likely for me to trip over.

The dream, essentially.

If you're comfortable in heels, more power to you (also, please teach me your magical ways).

If you're not, though, don't worry - here are three alternatives to heels you can wear on your wedding day.



Okay, so I totally get that trainers may not be the first kind of shoe you go to when you're thinking about bridal wear - but they definitely can be.

Many popular brands have released wedding capsule collections over the years, filled to the brim with lace and sparkles.


But if your'e looking to add a bit of a unique touch to your wedding outfit, there's also an option to make your own shoes. Converse and Vans - just to name a few - let you have full control over the design of your trainers to make them totally bridal-chic.

Ballet flats

They are often seen as a day-to-day wardrobe staple, but ballet flats work just as well for your wedding day, too.


Julia Mays' Maisie flats and Schuh's Elusive flats are perfect if you're searching for something totally comfortable (but stylish) to keep you dancing all night.

But if you want a blinged out accent to your bridal wear, there's always something more like Dolce & Gabanna's Gianna flats.


There are tonnes of options for bridal sandals if you're planning to say 'I do' outdoors (or simply just want to show off your pedicure).

Toms have got some bridal-esque footwear that are so comfy you'll feel like you're floating on your big day, while Schuh's range will suit just about anything you may be planning for your wedding.

Then there's the sparkle-filled and embellished footwear - Ancient Greek's pearl-decorated ones are a wedding dream come true.

But if you're planning something more casual, or a destination wedding and don't want to wreck your shoes, you can always toss on your favourite pair of flip flops.

Keeley and Sam are saying 'I do,' in May 2019. And with a year to go, this bride-to-be admits she's still learning the ropes. In the run-up to her Big Day, Keeley will be writing a weekly blog about all things wedding-related... from the start of planning, to walking down the aisle.