Bride slammed for admitting she wants to ban fiancé's daughter from the wedding 1 year ago

Bride slammed for admitting she wants to ban fiancé's daughter from the wedding

The little girl is three years old.

A bride has been slammed as a "terrible human being" after she admitted she wants to ban her fiancé's three-year-old daughter from their wedding.

According to The Sun, the woman's post was shared on a wedding-shaming social media group where it soon went viral.

She wrote:

"How do I tell my fiancé I don't want his daughter at our wedding?

"I put 'no kids' on the invites so I thought he'd get the point. But he keeps mentioning her being there?"

The bride-to-be later edited the post, claiming she didn't want the girl there because she's "needy" and "makes everything about her."

She also cruelly branded her a "crotch goblin" and "mistake."

She added:

"Edit cause people keep asking me the same dumb a** questions.

"She's three. I am marrying him not his crotch goblin. That's his mistake not mine.

"I don't want her there because she's needy asf and makes everything about her AND I said no f***ing kids!

"If you don't have [anything] nice to say or any advice then SCROLL ON!".

The commenters were quick to brand her a "terrible human being" and question how long the marriage would last - or if it would happen at all.

Someone wrote:

"She's 3... of COURSE she makes everything about her ... that's all she knows.

"This marriage (if it happens) is gonna end quick or last way to long and be horrible the entire time."

Another person wrote:

"There is a really good reason no one has anything nice to say because you are a terrible human being.

"Also, if him having a child was going to that much a problem why still be in the relationship?

"He's still going to raise and love his daughter so either you grow up and be a stepmother as that's what comes with the marriage or break it off if you can't commit.

"Also one last thing, she's three you dumba**, she's still practically a toddler (almost child)."