Bride-to-be wants to uninvite wedding guests for the most ridiculous reason 1 year ago

Bride-to-be wants to uninvite wedding guests for the most ridiculous reason

A bride-to-be has threatened to uninvite guests to her wedding after they gave her small gifts instead of money at her engagement party.

The anonymous woman explained that she and her partner said on the invitation that they wanted cash from their gifts.

She added on Reddit that she was "hurt, bewildered, angry and irritated" when the guests began to show up with “small gifts that serve no purpose" instead of money.

Rather than politely accepting the gifts, the furious bride decided to send a mass text to the guests she was closest with to find out "where the miscommunication happened in our gift requests."


She asked the other Reddit users what they would do, and for their thoughts on her dilemma - although we don't think she got the answers she was quite expecting.

One person said:

"You sound insanely entitled and I would honestly say you should apologise.

"Plus, you already said you’re going to sell all of the gifts for money - so why didn’t you just do that and not say anything to anyone?"

Another added:

"If you're at a point in your life where you need to be demanding cash from people, then you should probably postpone your wedding until your debt is better managed.

"The only person being rude is you, and if one of my supposed friends texted me asking where my cash gift was, I'd be ripping up any future wedding invitation."

Someone else wrote:

"Wow you really need to re-evaluate your attitude. Your actions here are incredibly rude and entitled. You’re not going to have any guests at your wedding if you continue to alienate the people in your life like this."