Are You A Cougar Searching For A Younger Looking Vagina? You May Want To Try A Vagacial… 7 years ago

Are You A Cougar Searching For A Younger Looking Vagina? You May Want To Try A Vagacial…

If you’re a cougar on the hunt for a younger man, apparently make-up and a trip to the hairdressers isn’t enough to lure a love interest.

Lisa Palmer considers herself an expert cougar following her split from her husband and also happens to run dating site Cubs and Cougars.


The 41-year old isn’t shy in her pursuit of men either, advising women who want to bag themselves a younger man to preen their lady bits with regular vajacials.


Speaking to Metro UK, Lisa explained that when she first started dating younger men, she focussed solely on clothes and make-up, but admits she didn’t pay the same attention to her vagina:

“We tend to forget our nether regions, thinking a Brazilian wax is enough. But when I was dating my first younger man I looked downstairs to realise it was a bit wrinkly and dry compared to when I was younger.”


The dating expert reveals she performed a vagina facial every day for seven days to being with, and now combines the routine with pelvic floor exercises once a week.

If you’d like to give yourself a vagacial, Lisa shared her DIY method: 

Lisa Palmer’s DIY vajacial

Mix in a plastic bowl:
• One teaspoon of coconut oil (kills bacteria and moisturises skin)
• One teaspoon of vitamin E cream (conditions skin and prevents signs of ageing)
• One teaspoon of honey (contains antioxidants to slow ageing)
• One egg white (tightens and improves texture of skin)


Heat the mix in a microwave for 20 seconds and then apply to the vagina following a vaginal steam.

Leave in place for 15 minutes and remove mix using rose water.