Beauty expert shares makeup and hair tips for managing the physical effects of cancer 4 years ago

Beauty expert shares makeup and hair tips for managing the physical effects of cancer

Recent research has found that more than a third of those experiencing cancer don't feel well informed on how to deal with it.

With Daffodil Day around the corner (Friday, March 22), we're bringing you some tips and tricks on how to manage the affect that cancer can have on your appearance so you can continue to feel and look like you.


From skin tricks to makeup products, we got some expert knowledge from Boots beauty advisor, Jessica Moloney, on the best ways to combat the affect that treatment can have on your appearance.

Makeup brush cleaners


Cancer treatment can affect everyone's skin in different ways and according to Jess, prevention is the best cure when managing skin during cancer.


Rashes can often occur during treatment and if they appear, you should consult your doctor. Dry and itchy skin is a common side effect and can be treated by regular moisturising. Using a body butter or gentle body moisturiser can help relieve symptoms of dry and itchy skin.

Some other skin tips to consider during cancer treatment:

  • Moisturise at least twice a day;
  • Shower in warm water, not hot;
  • Use soft sponges, avoiding loofahs or anything that might scratch the skin.



Hair loss from cancer treatment can be one of the most emotionally and physically challenging experiences and often the hardest side effect to cope with. Knowing what to expect before treatment and learning how to manage it throughout and after can help.

Finding the right wig or hair piece before hair loss occurs can help eliminate that initial shock when it does happen allowing you to get used to wearing one before the hair starts falling out.

Eyelashes and brows


Eyelashes and eyebrows can be disguised with makeup. Jess recommends products like the No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpting Pencil - €11.00) with its angled tip, comes in four shades and is perfect for creating and defining brows. While a liquid liner allows you to create a smooth line and give the illusion of a full lash.

Hair tips 

Some other tips to consider if your hair does become thinner during treatment:

  • Use a gentle fragrance-free shampoo and avoid washing your hair every day;
  • Pat your hair dry and stop blow-drying hair with high heat;
  • Refrain from colouring hair during treatment;
  • Use a soft brush when brushing hair to avoid pulling it.



Cancer treatment can cause pigmentation or skin to change colour, lightening or darkening it. A few simple products can help disguise these changes. Using a balm that reduces redness can help when worn underneath your makeup.

Jess also notes to remember that less is more when it comes to makeup during cancer treatment and the use of a BB cream is a great product for evening and enhances skin tone while disguising imperfections (plus, it has the added power of an SPF.)

Investing in a good concealer is also something the Boots beauty team advice. Keeping it in your handbag for touchups, it allows you to keep makeup paired back while still disguising blemishes. Look for one that brightens and hydrates to create a natural finish.

And lastly, if you need anymore help, Boots have a specially trained team of  cancer beauty advisors available to offer free face-to-face beauty advice in store. For more on the Boots Cancer Support Services visit

And lastly, if you or anyone you know of is seeking help, support or advice on dealing with cancer - you can freephone the Irish Cancer Society on 1800 200 700 or find more information here.