Here's how you can get five days of perfect party hair from your blowdry 4 years ago

Here's how you can get five days of perfect party hair from your blowdry

Perfect party hair.

The festive season can involve numerous nights out and sometimes it's hard to summon the energy to get glam all over again when you'd rather snuggle up in front of the TV and attack the Celebrations.


Personally, hair is what gets me because I have exceptionally thick locks and let's just say the washing/drying/stylising time is excessive (and a complete pain in the ass).

So, any tips that allow me to get good hair without having to go through the whole process again is music to my ears.

Enter the five-day party hair plan which will allow you to get through five days of parties, dinners, drinks, catchups etc without having to wash your mane.

More time for eating, chilling and bed - sounds like the dream.


As you'll see below, ghd brand ambassador Adam Reid knows his stuff and I definitely plan on putting these tips to practice this Christmas.


A good blow-dry will ensure your locks hold a style longer than usual and it provides the base for your five-day hair. We all know the difference a good blow-dry makes.

Curling Tongs


Day two is all about loose waves and Adam recommends using the ghd Soft Curl Tong.

"Wrap your hair around the tong, facing away from the face, then massage the roots and brush through the curls using your fingers for an undone look".

Hair Contouring


You'll need the ghd Contour for this statement style and you can create it with a couple of simple steps.

Crimp the underneath sections of hair around the crown which results in long-lasting immediate volume. Spray the sections with dry shampoo, then release the remaining hair on top.

Brush it all over for instant glam volume and this will allow for a more beachy texture than the day before and another new hair look, happy days.

Old-School Straight 


Opting for a straight style will help disguise greasy roots - brush it out, straighten, add some hairspray and tuck behind your ears for the ultimate sleek look.

It couldn't be any easier.

The Power Pony 

This look actually works better on hair that hasn't just been washed as it requires texture.

Put your hair into a ponytail, run your ghd styler through it (Adam is a huge fan of the platinum +) and you'll get a glossy, swishy pony.

The final step is to add a ribbon because pro-tip, adding an accessory will draw attention to the ribbon rather than the hair itself. If you don't have a ribbon to hand, beads and/or clips are a close second.

And there you have it, five fab styles with minimal effort...