I tried Kylie Jenner's favourite spot cream, and the results were interesting 2 years ago

I tried Kylie Jenner's favourite spot cream, and the results were interesting

Possible miracle?

So I've been following Kylie Jenner for YEARS... sue me.


Anyway, she gets a lot of bad press for a number of reasons, but nobody can deny the fact that she has perfect skin.

Sure, she gets expensive facials and has an extensive skincare routine.

But the secret to Kylie's glowing complexion is the Mario Badescu drying lotion.

What is this witchcraft, I hear you ask?

kylie jenner

Mario Badescu is the name of a famous skincare brand based in New York.

There are loads of unreal products within the brand, but the drying lotion is what they're most famous for.


I am usually pretty lucky with regards to my skin, but when I get a spot, I get a VIOLENT one.

Big, red and upsetting to the senses.

And last week, it happened. I woke up to find a volcanic growth on my face (yeah, I'm being dramatic, but sure).

So I decided to put the Kylie Jenner drying lotion to the test.

There's a key thing to note when using this drying lotion: you DON'T shake the bottle.


kylie jenner

You'll want to, and I did - but it specifies to avoid the shake.

I washed my face and then simply dabbed a cotton bud into the bottom of the bottle, and lashed it on my spot.

The best thing to do is apply the lotion before bed, and let it do its work while you snooze.


Which is exactly what I did.

Rebecca O'Keeffe Ah, there I am.

The next morning, I rinsed off any residue, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results.


Okay, the spot did not vanish into thin air, but I never expected that to happen.

However, it seriously shrank in size, and the redness was also a lot less aggressive.

The best bit? It's not all that pricey, at just €15, which is nothing in comparison to some spot treatments out there.

I will absolutely be using this magical pink lotion on every future spot I get.