New research establishes negative side effect of trimming pubic hair 5 years ago

New research establishes negative side effect of trimming pubic hair

This is an odd one.

A new study has established a link between removing pubic hair and a high rate of STIs (sexually transmitted infections).


The research, published in specialised journal, Sexually Transmitted Infections, was led by health professionals based in San Francisco and polled over 7,500 people.

After evaluating the research, doctors found that small tears or scratches in the skin from shaving/waxing/trimming could make infection more likely because "skin on skin" contact could potentially increase the likelihood of HPV and /or herpes.

The study showed that 75% of those surveyed practiced personal grooming at some point with 84% of women and 66% of men trimming, waxing, and/or shaving at least once before.

After the results were put together, the answers were grouped with 17% described as "extreme", i.e, removing all hair once a month and 22% put in a "high-frequency" category, meaning they would groom their pubic hair on a daily/weekly basis.


According to the survey, the more you groom, the more likely you are to contract a sexually transmitted disease but it's only one study so we'll take this news with a pinch of salt.

As lead author Dr. E. Charles Osterberg said, there is a link between grooming pubic hair and STIs but it does NOT prove that grooming pubic hair means you're more likely to develop a sexually transmitted infection.