No more streaks! This post-shower hack gives the BEST fake tan 2 months ago

No more streaks! This post-shower hack gives the BEST fake tan


Fake tan is just the best when you want a glow, particularly now that spring is finally here (even if the weather isn't quite up to speed just yet).

However, there are several things that can go wrong when it comes to tanning including streaks, white patches, a completely different shade to what you'd imagined and the list goes on.

Thankfully, there's one hack that can make all the difference to the end result and the good news is it takes very little effort.

Elle Ferguson is an Australian blogger and her name will prove familiar to the Instagram lovers reading.

The popular fashion gal recently shared her fake tanning tips in an interview with Gritty Pretty, the brand new online magazine dedicated to all things beauty.

To say that I'm slightly speechless about this @gritty_pretty cover is an understatement, to have my cover line read 'She's the boss' is a pinch me moment and a testament to all the hard work that has led me here and to have @jenatkinhair - the ultimate girlboss interview me was the icing on the cake!!Today sees the launch of #GrittyPrettymagazine and I feel so incredibly grateful to be following the other strong, beautiful women that have graced the cover. This is a milestone for me as a business woman as it is the first cover I have shot where I'm actually only wearing the @elleeffect tan. A product I designed, formulated and created myself and there's something amazing and empowering about that. Thank you GrittyPretty and @eleanorpendleton for lifting women up and showcasing the varied range of talents we all have.

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The questions were posted to Elle by none other than hair guru Jen Atkin but it's the fake tan tip that we're really interested in.

"Before you get out of the shower, I recommend turning the water on cold for a few seconds—the pores close and subsequently you will use less tan".

This has the effect of closing your pores and in turn, helps avoid those pesky dots that often appear when you've attempted to tan after showering and/or shaving.

Ideal, because spotting drives us mad every time we attempt to achieve a perfect fake tan application.

Another great tip courtesy of Elle is to use some moisturiser after tanning as this will help your tan blend in which is key to that much-coveted natural glow.

"Rub some moisturiser on the palms of your hands after you finish, which will allow the tan to naturally blend into the sides of your hands and wrists".

As Elle mentions, tan that stops at your wrists/hands is a major giveaway that your tan is from a bottle and so, we'll be putting her hack into practice.