The €4.50 mascara you're going to want in your makeup bag 3 years ago

The €4.50 mascara you're going to want in your makeup bag

Bargain beauty buy alert...

Catrice products have long been a winner with the Her team and one staff member has an ongoing love affair with the Allround Mascara.


It's a winner because it's lightweight, defines lashes and never, ever clumps...I have that last point on very good authority.

However, I recently discovered Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara and this particular version is waterproof.

As makeup buffs will know, Glam & Doll Volume Waterproof Mascara has been around for a while but this launch takes the edge because of the false lash promise.


What sets this mascara apart from its counterparts is the fact that a curved elastomer brush achieves ultra-long, curly lashes so if you find falsies too fiddly (I know I do), this is well worth a go.

Of course, apart from all the other reasons to buy, the fact it's less than a €5 is music to our ears and it's the ideal way to brighten up your day.

We've tried it and were very impressed, let us know what you think in the comments below and if there are other budget beauty favourites you think deserve a mention, we're all ears.