There's a new unusual way to get that perfect winged eyeliner 5 years ago

There's a new unusual way to get that perfect winged eyeliner

Who on earth thought of this?

Nearly every girl knows the struggle of trying to get that feline eye makeup right.


An eyeliner wing adds a boost of drama to your eye, enhancing the natural colour and bringing attention to the 'windows to the soul'.

Drawing a perfect thin black line along your eyelid while breathing is often the most difficult task in the world and there's been far too many times where I've ended up looking like Cleopatra or a goth thanks to my shitty eyeliner skills.

It's not cute. AT. ALL.

? Guilty ??

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One beauty blogger has brought to our attention quite an alternative way to get those wings on your lids just right - and we're not quite sure how to feel about it.

Huda Kattan has revealed a way to get your eyeliner absolutely perfect - by cheating a little bit.


The blogger used stickers - yes that's right STICKERS - to get two perfect asymmetrical wings on her eyes.

Is it genius? Or just downright silly?

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To be fair, the stickers do make her eyes look incredible. But really?

Considering I rarely have time to find matching socks in the morning, I definitely won't be spending any time applying eyeliner stickers to my peepers.


But hey gals, you do you.