You can perfect these stunning beach waves in less than five minutes 11 months ago

You can perfect these stunning beach waves in less than five minutes

When it comes to perfectly loose and deliberately undone-looking beach waves, nobody does it quite as well as Lauren Conrad.

Lucky for us (well, me, anyway) is that her hairstylist; Kristin Ess, has now gone and shared just how we can achieve this look at home in our very own bathrooms.

The secret, it seems, it to use both a hair straightener (or flatiron, if you will), and a curling iron. The thing about straighteners is that they will yield soft bends in the hair rather than springy coils, which is the look you are going for. These loose, beach-y waves are often also knows as "S waves" because of their serpentine shape.

In a post for website The Beauty Department, Ess explains the steps that go into getting her exact brand of undone, beach waves.

Ess explains that she starts by going through the hair with a curling iron—not really anything new or unexpected there. But the next step is unique: She gently taps a flatiron over the curls to stretch them out a bit. (See the Instagram video for instructions).

"If you quickly tap the curl up and down the head it will soften the wave and flatten it out, just the right amount," she writes.

Well, that's our summer hair sorted and now all we have to do is figure out when we'll get some time to actually practice this technique.