15 Of Mother Teresa's Miracles That The Pope Needs To Recognise 4 years ago

15 Of Mother Teresa's Miracles That The Pope Needs To Recognise

Today, Pope Francis has recognised a second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa, meaning she will definitely be made a saint next year.

While the Pope has officially recognised two of Mother Teresa's miracles so far, there are a many other truly miraculous things that have happened to her that also deserve worldwide recognition.

1. When Mother Teresa found €5 in the pocket of her jeans.

2. The Time Mother Teresa's car was on the red for six miles but she still made it home.

3. When Mother Teresa's phone died but somehow came back to life, allowing her to send a quick Snapchat.

Teresa Selfie

4. The time Mother Teresa was full sure she'd run out of milk but it turned out there was another carton hiding in the back of the fridge.

5. When Mother Teresa was at a Take That concert and Mark Owen winked at her.

6. When Mother Teresa just managed to get the last ticket for Titanic, even though she arrived twenty minutes early.

cinema, entertainment and people concept - happy friends watching movie in theater

7.  The time Mother Teresa very nearly forgot her best friend Gráinne's birthday, but Facebook sent her a notification.

8. The time Mother Teresa forgot the clocks went back an hour, but somehow remembered to set the recorder for Eastenders.

9. The time Mother Teresa left a face mask on for too long, but it didn't wither her face away.

Teresa Facemask

(Mother Teresa - The 5th Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle)

10. When Mother Teresa thought she'd left the hair straightener plugged in but it seemed to have unplugged itself.

11. When Mother Teresa ate an expired yoghurt but didn't die.

12. The time Mother Teresa had exactly €20 left in her bank account, so she could use the ATM.

Happy woman withdrawing money from an ATM and looking at the camera smiling

13. When Mother Teresa left a chicken kiev in the oven for way too long but it didn't even burn.

14. The time Mother Teresa forgot to lock the car but when she got back, her Gabrielle CDs were untouched.

15. When Mother Teresa figured out what a tracker mortgage was.