Adele shows us what's in her handbag 4 years ago

Adele shows us what's in her handbag

Show and tell... with Adele.

Friend of the site, Adele (Adkins) (the singer) is always hounding us to get featured. I've lost count of the amount of times she's contacted me personally with some proposition I "can't possibly pass up".

Inspired by my piece on what your handbag says about you, Adele approached me with a suggestion that isn't half bad, so I'm going to humour her.

Put on your humouring cap and let's take a look at what's inside Adele's handbag.

View on women bag stuff with copyspace on wooden background

Ever the professional, Adele also sent us a bit of a backstory regarding this odd collection of items:

Hey Guys! So glad have decided to include one of my pieces. So, here's my handbag story:

Obviously like all girls, I want to look good. That explains my essentials - sunnies, mascara, unused makeup brush, nail polish and a little bit of lippy. I've also got an actual bird's wing to help aid the application of my winged eyeliner. I just find it's a much more authentic look when you can use the natural shape of an actual wing as a guide for your own, sure who doesn't?!

The Imodium is fairly self-explanatory. Being in tour, you can never be sure what way your tum-tum is going to be. I love curries but they absolutely don't love me back. Half a spoon of korma and I'm shitting like a rabbit for weeks. Those handy little tablets (I swear they're not paying me to say this) will block things up better than a learner driver at a busy intersection.

I'm always peckish so my bag is never without a handy Lunchables pouch to keep me going. They're so portable and versatile, I never get tired of eating them. You can pile them up so many different ways: ham, cheese, ham; cheese, cheese, ham; ham, ham, cheese; cheese, cheese, cheese; ham, ham, ham; well, you get the point!


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As I'm really into my music, I only ever listen to cassettes. I just really love the way it sounds and having to rewind the tape each time helps to keep me grounded. I'm a millionaire but I swear, it'll never go to my head with little tricks like that in place.

Since embarking on a global tour, it's been documented widely that I tend to curse an awful lot during my performances. I'm trying to help that with the addition of a thesaurus. So, if someone is annoying me, I'll simply tell them to 'urinate off'. It's tough going, but I'm enjoying the learning process.

Oh God, I totally forgot about that, haha. Yeah, it's a running joke between my friend Freda and I, basically, my name (Adele) sounds like a particular brand of computer - A Dell. So, one time, as a joke, she sent me a Dell computer. It was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. I miss her when I'm on tour so I just throw the monitor, hard drive, keyboard and mouse in my handbag to remind me of her.

Finally, the naggin. Haha, look, I know I've come a long way from my cheeky juvenile delinquent days. I'm a mum now and have really cleaned up my act. The naggin is actually full of Smart Water™. Did you know that it's vapor distilled water with added electrolytes that was inspired by clouds? It's delicious and I urge every reader to buy a crate of it immediately! #spon #ad.


Thanks so much to Adele (Adkins) for sending us in her handbag contents. If you're a famous person and would like us to feature the contents of your handbag, please get in touch -