Brad Pitt JUST responded to speculation about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston 1 year ago

Brad Pitt JUST responded to speculation about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt - it's the celebrity relationship we just can't let die.

It doesn't matter that they split up 14 years ago and that they've both been married to other people since; they're both now single and so the world has been endlessly speculating about them rekindling things.


Brad attended Jen's 50th birthday party in West Hollywood in February and even sent her a gift beforehand, fuelling rumours of a reunion.

Sadly there's probably no point in holding out hope as he's now dismissed the rumours.

The actor smiled as he was asked about getting back with Jen by a group of photographers while out and about this week, according to Metro.

"Oh my god. Alright, have a good one," he's quoted as replying.

That's that, so.

Hollywood Life, meanwhile, is reporting that while the pair are close, Brad doesn't think of Jen in that way anymore.


Though he looks back on the good times with her fondly, a source told the publication, he's too busy for anything and just wants to be friends.

"He is not interested in trying to rekindle anything they once had.

"He can relate to not having time to date, he too has a packed life and busy schedule, and no time for romance. But Brad is unfazed by her latest comments about being single.

"He is focused on kids, his career and everything in his own life, any romance with Jen is in his past and will stay there.”

The actor is currently finalising his divorce from Angelina Jolie, whom he split from in 2016 after over a decade together.

Jen meanwhile separated from her husband or two year Justin Theroux in 2017.


She and Brad first met in 1998 and married in 2000. Their breakup was announced in January 2005.