Brad Pitt went to Jen Aniston's 50th because he wants everyone to know they're mates 1 year ago

Brad Pitt went to Jen Aniston's 50th because he wants everyone to know they're mates

God bless.

There are few things more rare in this world than staying friends with an ex and genuinely having a positive and healthy relationship.

Most of the time it simply cannot occur.

One of you is jealous of the other, can't deal with their new partner, or generally just don't want to be around them because they broke your heart or were a dickhead or whatever.

Standard post-breakup stuff.

As it turns out though, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston aren't like normal people and they can, in fact, remain close friends following a breakup much to the distress of everybody who is gunning for them to just get back together already.

(They probably never will, lads. Calm down.)

Brad and Jen exhibited their close friendship for the entire world to see the other night at Jen's 50th birthday.

The actor showed up to the event and was all smiles as the other actor rang in her half century.

It was pretty good and a source close to the pair have since confirmed the actual reason why Brad was there. Surprise, surprise, it's because they're mates.


They told The Sun: "Brad and  Jen  have stayed friends for a long time, but it was awkward for them to meet up when he was with Angelina and because no-one saw them together, people assumed they weren’t friends. They are.

"They want everyone – all of their A-list mates and their exes – to know they’re on good terms and friendly."

Good news all round, so.

The source went on to say that the two of them don't really care if people are going to start rumours, because they are simply good friends.

"Brad coming along to a huge event like that was a public move, but he doesn’t care what people think," they said.

"He and Jen are friends, they support each other and their relationship has come a long way since their divorce, and even since his split from Angelina."


Brad and Jen were married from 2000 to 2005.

Jen recently split from Justin Theroux, who also took to social media to wish her a happy birthday.