Blogger Ciara O'Doherty is accused of selling 'cheap' products for high prices 2 years ago

Blogger Ciara O'Doherty is accused of selling 'cheap' products for high prices

Blogger Ciara O'Doherty has been accused of selling "cheap" Chinese-made products at hugely inflated prices.

Ms O'Doherty's label, Taylor & Rose, was launched during the summer and has recently faced criticism for seemingly selling low-cost items for upmarket prices.

Taylor & Rose is hugely popular and sells hair accessories, headbands, and other jewellery.

However, the Irish Mail On Sunday reports that some of Ciara's stock also appears on Chinese discount shopping website, Ali Express, for considerably lower prices.

Boutique owner, Jennifer Wrynne, has furthermore been accused of selling stock for "extreme" markups. She runs a shop in Dublin's Powerscourt Townhouse selling bags and accessories.

Her has contacted both women for comment.

In response, a spokesperson for Ciara O'Doherty said the claims stem from "an anonymous malicious online campaign designed to bring Ms O’Doherty’s reputation into disrepute".

They added: "The claim that Ms O’Doherty is simply marking up prices on the products offered through her website is ludicrous as it does not take into account the marketing, distribution, and eCommerce costs she incurs to operate her business."

And it was stated to Her that "the item purchased by the Irish Mail On Sunday is not the same product as sold on Taylor & Rose," explaining: "Highlighting an item from a wholesale website being sold at a specific price does not indicate where Taylor & Rose products are sourced.

"There are multiple replicas of similar items available online, and Taylor & Rose has always ensured the highest quality control of all the products they sell. As a retail brand, Taylor & Rose is committed to sourcing quality products for its customers.

"Prices are based on detailed market research and adhere to the average retail margins.”

No response was received by representatives for Jennifer Wrynne.