'Crispy juicy meat'... Chrissy Teigen gets into Twitter row with vegetarians 2 years ago

'Crispy juicy meat'... Chrissy Teigen gets into Twitter row with vegetarians

Chrissy Teigen is known for loving all kinds of food and is not afraid to hide it.

The former model retweeted a poll about bacon, which asked how well do Twitter users like their bacon cooked.


Chrissy went for number 4, to which she described as "Chewy crispy fat. Crispy juicy meat."

However, after she tweeted the post, numerous vegetarians commented on it, criticising her for eating meat and posting pictures of dead pigs.

It really got heated though when Youtuber, @kalelkitten, said: "If you had to watch their faces as they were about to be slaughtered you might gain a fresh perspective. These little babies deserve to be more than bacon."

Furthermore, she then commented under Teigen's post, writing: "Wow. Can’t imagine what it must feel like to think that you’re SO important that others exist/die just for YOU! Respecting all life is a far more rewarding way to live."

Chrissy replied saying: "I can’t imagine thinking I’m a god because I don’t eat meat while simultaneously being a judgemental brat to strangers online."


Kalel responded, writing: "Judgement is a natural reaction when someone takes part in the mistreatment and murder of another. Would you judge someone if they killed and ate your dog?"

Chrissy stopped replying to her at that point, with many believing that the comment hit a nerve as she recently lost her dog, Puddy.

However, she did write that one day she might consider going down the vegetarian route, but will never judge others for their choices.


"I always think that one day, I will probably give being a vegetarian a try. The thing that would stop me? I *never* want to feel as entitled and judgmental as the ones losing their minds in my mentions," she said.